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Dog Boarding Facility in Austin

Our dogs are members of the family, so finding top-quality dog boarding facility is a priority for most pet parents. Bobbi Colorado’s Canine Camp is Austin’s leading dog boarding facility and training center. Our team of certified dog trainers and caregivers provides expert care in a safe and secure environment. With personalized attention, 24/7 monitoring, and a commitment to your dog’s well-being, we ensure a comfortable and stimulating stay. When your pup stays at our canine camp, you can rest assured they’ll be safe, as we always have someone on the property. To make sure dogs have fun, we rotate groups so that they can play with other canines. This enriching experience allows dogs to play and socialize in the ways they’re supposed to.


Bobbi Colorado’s Canine Camp also offers training services where owners board their pets with us, and we train their dogs. One of our expert trainers will work closely with your dog on obedience and appropriate behaviors. Trust us for a trustworthy and professional boarding experience for your furry friend. Contact us today by calling (512) 288-6928 if you have questions about our dog boarding facility or training in Austin, TX.

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We love Bobbi Colorado’s so much! Boarded my dogs there many times, and they get so excited when they see me collecting their things because they know this is where they’re going. That’s so different from any other boarding experience we have ever had! I have one very shy/scared dog, and I could see her confidence grow just from being boarded here, and each time she was more excited to go to the facility!! Truly a game changer. And they take excellent care of the dogs and are able to accomodate specific dietary/health requests (and always remembered my dogs and their names!). Can’t recommend everythign about this palace enough! 🙂

Kale Wheless


Have questions or ready to book your dog’s stay? Contact our dog trainers for inquiries and expert advice. Our staff is here to provide you with all the information you need and to help you arrange a visit to our facility. Trust us for a professional and trustworthy dog boarding experience in Austin.