How To Prepare Your Dog for Successful Boarding

How To Prepare Your Dog for Successful Boarding

While many of us love bringing our dogs everywhere we go, it isn’t always an option. From business trips to vacation rentals that don’t allow pets, there are times when our furry friend must stay behind. Boarding enables your pooch to remain safe and have fun as you take your trip. Use the tips below to prepare your dog for successful boarding.

Tour the Facility

Book tours of your top options as you narrow down your choices for boarding facilities. During the tour, note how the staff interacts with dogs, evaluate sleeping areas, and view play areas.

Additionally, ask about the daily routine, exercise schedules, and any special accommodations they can provide for your dog’s needs. Ensure the facility is clean, well-maintained and has proper safety protocols.

Pro Tip

Bring your dog with you for the tour to help them get used to the space and meet the workers.

Inquire About Boarding Requirements

Most facilities require up-to-date vaccinations for rabies, distemper, and parvovirus to keep their canine guests safe. The boarding facility may also require proof that your dog receives flea and tick prevention and heartworm medication.

Some facilities may conduct temperament testing on campus to ensure your dog is comfortable in a group setting. Be honest about any concerns you have with your dog’s behavior, as this will help the staff better care for your furry friend.

Help Your Pet Adjust To Time Apart

Another way to prepare your dog for successful boarding is to help your pup adjust to time apart, especially if you spend most of your time together. Dogs see their human companions as packmates; some are more sensitive to separation than others. To help your dog cope, gradually increase your time away from home. Start with short periods and gradually extend the duration.

Pack Needed Items

Pack necessary items, such as food and medications, when preparing for boarding. Clearly label the food with your dog’s name and any needed feeding instructions. Likewise, if your dog takes medicine, include detailed instructions on dosage and relay this information to staff when you drop your pup off at boarding.

Avoid bringing beds or toys as most facilities provide their own and plan other enriching activities for the dog in their care. Moreover, most canine camps have numerous guests, so dog toys can get lost in the shuffle.

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